Ready-to-use for permanent roofer

I always use a fall arrest system and therefore require absolute comfort


  • Temporary lifeline.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Kernmantle rope of ½ in. (12.5 mm) which can be adjusted from 3 to 60 ft. (1 to 18 m) between two anchorage points.
  • Allows safe access to horizontal locations.
  • Compact, light and easy to carry with storage bag.

Reusable roofing anchor connector, quick to install



  • Screws included

Fall arrester with 3 ft. Shock-absorbing Lanyard.

Roll over cam brake technology which applies breaking pressure to the lifeline in the event of a fall yet allows unprecedented mobility when travelling, extending rope life.


  • Lightweight
  • Anti-reversability provided by gravity pin.
  • Anti-panic function with roll-over cam brake.
  • 5/8 in. three strand rope diameter.


Tractel ® recommends using a lanyard with a maximum length of 3 ft. (0.9 mm) to limit free fall distance


  • Adjustable dorsal D-ring
  • Chest strap keeper: To keep the chest strap in place.
    Designed with additional friction preventing chest strap from sliding.

  • Visual fall indicator / inspection tabs
  • Spring-loaded adjuster buckle: Adjusts and stays in place. Prevents webbing creeping.
  • Optional side-positioning D-ring: For work-positioning applications.
  • Auto-lock buckle*: Available for chest and leg straps.
    *Tongue and buckle option available.
  • Adjustable sub-pelvic strap: Improves support in case of a fall.
  • TracX pad: Provides extra comfort and minimizes weight on shoulders. Keeps you dry and comfortable with breathable lining.
  • Rubber slider: Prevents from creeping and losing adjustment.
  • Label cover: Protects labels containing important product information.
  • Belt loop: To accomodate any Tractel® removable belt or your favorite tool belt up to 4 in. (10 cm) wide.


And more!
Elastic keeper to fold excess webbing.
Plastic sliding keeper to prevent the webbing from slipping out of adjustment.
Lanyard keeper