Ready-to-use for permanent steel worker

I always use a fall arrest system and therefore require absolute comfort

Tractel recommendation

The tempo 3 provides a simple, lightweight solution for temporary horizontal fall-arrest applications.

Using a NGR reinforced static halyard rope and a tensioning system, the tempo 3 allows the simultaneous movement of 3 users, and creates a temporary lifeline with a maximum length of 18 meters between two resistance anchor points.

• Reinforced static halyard line N.G.R adjustable from 0 to 18 m
• Complies with EN 795-B
• Delivered with two AS19 webbing rings, 2 M10 connectors and a shoulder bag

Lightweight, hands-free grab. Unique design provides roll over cam brake technology which applies breaking pressure to the lifeline in the event of a fall.


• Operates on a static halyard Ø 10.5-12.5 mm.
• Automatic locking system without jaw.
• With M41 connector and 30 cm webbing lanyard
• Complies with CNB / P / 11.075 for horizontal use.

The HT55 A harness features best-in-class versatility.
It is particularly well suited for building work (ladders, scaffolding, roofing, etc.) thanks to its sternal attachment point.
Comfort is ensured with the X-Pad comfort backrest, the mountain bibs and the flexibility of the braces and leg straps with connecting loops.

• 1 dorsal attachment point: large ring facilitating hooking. Recommended for vertical movement or scaffold work.
• 1 sternal attachment point: recommended for work on an incline or in a confined space.
• Adjustment loops: non-removable adjustment bars that prevent slipping of the strap.
• 1 comfort pad X-pad: Breathable and flexible it reduces worker fatigue by more evenly distributing the load.
• 2 comfort leg straps: avoids uncomfortable pulling and tugging.
• 2 link bars: leaves space at the top and bottom of the harness
• 1 sub-pelvic strap for increased comfort
• 4 fall indicators: Improves the safety of the harness.
• AUTOMATIC buckles
• Complies with EN 361
• Complies with CNB / P / 11.062 for use above 100 kg.