Ready-to-use for permanent builder

I always use a fall arrest system and therefore require absolute comfort

Tractel recommendation

Sling on which a fall arrest system can be attached to create a temporary anchorage point.

• Polyester strap.
• Available in lengths of 0.6 m, 0.8 m and 1 m.
• Complies with CNB / P / 11.062 for use above 100kg.


The blocforTM 6 ESD self-retracting lifeline is particularly well suited for all types of vertical and horizontal movement.
It makes it easy to move horizontally on congested surfaces such as flat roofs or industrial sites.


• M10 connector to attach the fall arrest system to the anchor point.
• M47 chest connector to attach the fall arrest system to the harness: avoids an unsafe positioning on the point of attachment of the harness.
• 18mm strap: Length 6 meters.
• ESD absorption system: provides the user with an impact of less than 600daN even if the fall occurs when the strap is completely unwound.
• Fiberglass filled casing for added durability: UV, shock and aging resistant.
• Complies with CNB / P / 11.062 for use above 100 kg.
• Complies with CNB / P / 11.060 for horizontal use.


The HT55 A harness is a harness of great versatility.
It is particularly well suited for building work (ladders, scaffolding, roofing, etc.) thanks to its sternal attachment point.
The comfort of use of this harness is ensured by the X-Pad comfort backrest, the mountain bibs and the articulation of the braces and leg straps by connecting loops.

• 1 dorsal attachment point: large ring facilitating hooking. Recommended for vertical movement or scaffold work.
• 1 sternal attachment point: recommended for work on an incline or in a nacelle.
• Adjustment loops: non-removable adjustment bars that prevent slipping of the strap.
• 1 comfort pad X-pad: Permeable, flexible and structuring, it allows easy installation of the harness.
• 2 comfort shorts: avoids crotch friction.
• 2 link bars: leave a freedom at the top and bottom of the harness
• 1 gluteal for a better comfort
• 4 fall indicators: Improves the safety of the harness.
• AUTOMATIC buckles
• Complies with EN 361
• Complies with CNB / P / 11.062 for use above 100 kg.