Ready-to-use for frequent use powered access

I frequently use a fall arrest system

Frequently connected to structures, the M53 can also serve as a temporary anchor.



• Automatic double trigger lock
• Bichromated steel
• Opening ø 50 mm
• Meets CNB / P / 11.062 for use over 100kg

Restraint rope lanyard 12mm with karabiner.
This product cannot be used as fall arrest but can limit the movement of a person to a fall risk area.


• 2 M10 connectors at the ends.
(Several connector options at the ends)
• Length 1m.
(Also available in 1,5m and 2m)
• Braided rope 12 mm
• Complies with CNB / P / 11.062 for use above 100kg.


• 1 dorsal attachment point: recommended for vertical movement or scaffold work.
• 1 sternal attachment point: recommended for work on an incline or in a confined space
• 5 adjustment points: 2 adjustment points at the legs, 2 chest adjustment points, 1 sternal adjustment point
• 1 chest strap for increased comfort and performance
• 1 sub-pelvic strap for increased comfort
• Complies with EN 361
• Complies with CNB / P / 11.062 for use above 100 kg.