Ready-to-use for a scaffolder

There is no fall protection kit sold in a cardboard box. However, by equipping yourself with the above products, you are ensured optimum fall protection.

Tractel recommendation


Restraint lanyard ø 11 mm with karabiner.
This product cannot be used as fall arrest but can limit the movement of a person to a risk area.


• 1 M10 connector and 1 M53 connector at the ends.
(Several connector options at the ends)
• Length 1m.
(Also available in 1,5m and 2m)
• Rope ø 11 mm
• Complies with CNB / P / 11.062 for use above 100kg.


blocfor ™ 1.8A ESD is based on the latest generation of Tractel® SRLs.
Its strong strap, 15 mm wide and 1.45 m long, has an extended length of 1.80 m. This version “A” allows you to hang the reel on the anchorage point of the structure.
This new B1.8A ESD features several significant improvements:




• M10 connector to attach the fall arrest system to the anchorage point, or M53 connector to attach the fall arrest device directly to the structure (e.g. platform).
• M47 center connector to attach the fall arrest system to the harness: avoids unsafe positioning on the point of attachment of the harness.
• 18mm strap: Length 1.8 meters.
• Fiberglass filled casing for added durability: UV, shock and aging resistant
• ESD absorption system: provides the user with an impact of less than 600daN even if the fall occurs when the strap is fully unwound.
• Part of the new stylistic line of Tractel® blocfor ™.
• Complies with CNB / P / 11.062 for use above 100 kg.
• Complies with CNB / P / 11.060 for horizontal use.

• 1 dorsal attachment point: recommended for vertical movement or scaffold work.
• 1 sternal attachment point: recommended for work on an incline or in a confined space
• 5 adjustment points: 2 adjustment points at the legs, 2 chest adjustment points, 1 sternal adjustment point
• 1 chest strap for increased comfort and performance
• 1 sub-pelvic strap for increased comfort
• Complies with EN 361
• Complies with CNB / P / 11.062 for use above 100 kg.